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A Trip to the Shore

   Posted by: René    in Author, Grand Isle

To start off the summer, we took a rare vacation to Grand Isle with our two little angels, Sunny and Pepper.









In the surf:

In the surf








Shrimp boats at dawn off the beach at Grand Isle.


ShrimpBoat at dawn








An array at the fairy-boat-like Shrimp Boats

Array of Shrimp Boats









In the background you can see oil platforms.

Shrimp Boat off the Beach









Now that summer is winding down, we dream of going back again.










Hope you also had a little fun this summer too.






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Springtime Flowers

   Posted by: René    in Author, Gallery, Gardens

Fine Art Photos now on sale through
So if you are interested, submit a comment below, and I will get back to you.

Fine Art Quality Photographic Prints of the beautiful flowers of New Orleans.
Dress up your walls with cheerful prints.
Give a gift of springtime beauty. Flowers that will last.

(Lightboxed- just click on each photo to get the effect of the black gallery frames used for each)
Azaleas at Audubon Park

Audubon April Azaleas

Audubon April Azaleas

Lotus at water gardens in French quarter

Lotus Pond

Lotus water garden

Peach Hibiscus from my garden.

Hibicus Peach

Hibiscus Peach

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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There Be Dragons

   Posted by: René    in Author, Gallery, Mountains


There Be Dragons in those Mountains !

Once upon a time, there be dragons in the Rockies! Oh, yes and I have the photographic proof.

Rocky Mountain Dragon

Actually I captured this image of a Snow Dragon approaching a mountain lake back in the late 90s at the top of Trail Ridge Road.

In Rocky Mountain National Park. High summer. since the road was open.

It was a dark and gloomy day, tho you can see the sun peeked out. The clouds were threatening and the Park Rangers had already chased us off the Lookouts because of danger from lightning in the thunderclouds.

There’s herds of elk in the high meadows and tundra. with lots of calves, tempting… for dragons.

Very tempting….

Snow Dragon

Snow Dragon

So we got a new CanoScan 8800 to scan old photos and negatives. These are from negatives. The first one slightly fixed and enhanced. The Second one untouched, except for dust removal in photoshop. Oops, didn’t save it after removing dust. So this snow Dragon is untouched scan from color negative.

Just click on one for popup lightbox gallery.






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Fleur de Maison d’Light

   Posted by: René    in Author, Gallery, Gardens

the Newest additions to our delightful garden:

A Peach Hibiscus:

Fabulous Peach Hibiscus

Fabulous Peach Hibiscus 8 x 10 prints available.


Red Gladiolas:

Blue Girl Climbing Rose:

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Great Artists Gallery in French Quarter

   Posted by: René    in Gallery

My sister and I have some of our work in this Gallery, located at 815 Royal Street, in the French Quarter, New Orleans.

Great Artists Collective Gallery

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Mardi Gras Gone Goth

   Posted by: René    in Gallery, Mardi Gras

Goth Goblin and Merry Sprite greet you on a Mardi Gras Day

Gothic Sprite and Goblin

Whew, Sprite tries not to fly away.

Mardi Gras Sprite Meow


If either of these strikes your fancy, let me know which one and what size, etc., in a comment below.


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Mardi Gras in New Orleans

   Posted by: René    in Gallery, Mardi Gras

Fans of the Saints on Mardi Gras Day in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Mardi Gras Saints

Miss Fleur de Lys and Mr. stroll down Royal Street in the French Quarter on Mardi Gras Day.

Limited Edition Prints available to order. Matte or Glossy.

Print pricing

8 x 10    $15.00
Professionally matted $25.00


8 x 10    $20.00  Matted   $30.00
11 x 14  $35.00                 $45.00

Post comment if you wish to order.(Just until I get store set up.) leave phone number and or email contacts.

(Promise you I won’t approve the comment to go public with your private info.)


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A Lotus from a Water Garden

   Posted by: René    in Author, Gallery, Gardens

A glowing lotus in white

Lotus Pond


This print is available in 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 matted, or matted and framed.

Contact me if you are interested in acquiring this beautiful photo.

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Photo Blog Coming Soon

   Posted by: René    in Author, Public

Photo blog with ‘Glicée’ style prints for sale coming soon.

Cool, I found a store plugin that should work after I test it out. called image-store. (doesn’t work, trying out another) Dunno, it’s kinda complicated. Made worse when I went for the WordPress 3.3 upgrade almost immediately after a very successful WP 3.2 upgrade. OH< WOE! Now they are up to 3.4.2! just this past week it’s now up to 3.5!

A recent photo:

Orleans Courtyard Lantern

Check back for updates.
Got a couple glitches with new WordPress 3.3 upgrade. Sad cuz the 3.2 upgrade worked fine.

Newest WordPress 3.3.1, with just as many tales of woe on the Holding off. this time.

Parrots in the garden



About our Prints


In the meantime photos are available at your request. Many are already printed, matted, and/or framed.

Send me a comment with an email address. with print request in the head at top.

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Lilly and Lotus New Orleans Spring

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The delightful gardens of Nine Mile Nursery, situated on the generation-old Magnolia Lane Plantation, close to the Huey P. Long Bridge, across the street from the Mississippi River levee.

An eye on spring: Louisiana Iris

Louisiana Iris on Nine Mile Point, Magnolia Lane

Then there are the Lotus of American Aquatic Gardens, on Elysian Fields, in the French Quarter.

Lotus bud on leaf

Okay, finally got the lightbox fixed, am working on developing a new photo-gallery to sell prints online. We have the Canon Pixma 9000, that produces gliceé quality prints.

Some are already matted and framed in the gallery favorite black under glass. My sister and I have sold some in the Great Artists’ Gallery in the French Quarter, New Orleans.

So, next project is upgrading this blog and my other King Tut blog.

Check back for updates on progress.


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