There Be Dragons

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There Be Dragons in those Mountains !

Once upon a time, there be dragons in the Rockies! Oh, yes and I have the photographic proof.

Rocky Mountain Dragon

Actually I captured this image of a Snow Dragon approaching a mountain lake back in the late 90s at the top of Trail Ridge Road.

In Rocky Mountain National Park. High summer. since the road was open.

It was a dark and gloomy day, tho you can see the sun peeked out. The clouds were threatening and the Park Rangers had already chased us off the Lookouts because of danger from lightning in the thunderclouds.

There’s herds of elk in the high meadows and tundra. with lots of calves, tempting… for dragons.

Very tempting….

Snow Dragon

Snow Dragon

So we got a new CanoScan 8800 to scan old photos and negatives. These are from negatives. The first one slightly fixed and enhanced. The Second one untouched, except for dust removal in photoshop. Oops, didn’t save it after removing dust. So this snow Dragon is untouched scan from color negative.

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