Biggest Tiger Pounces Back From Brink

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Photo in the News: Biggest Tiger Pounces Back From Brink
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April 16, 2007—After decades of chilling population declines, the Siberian tiger may be treading toward a slightly sunnier future.

Hunted down to 40 animals, the Siberian tiger barely survived the 1940s. Since then it has slowly clawed its way back, with help from a Russian hunting ban and the efforts of conservation groups. In 2005 the Wildlife Conservation Society estimated the subspecies at 431 to 529 animals worldwide.

Now estimated at 600 Siberian tigers, the largest count in over 100 years.

Tigers are my favorites. Will be putting up a little album of my Japanese silk paintings of tigers soon.
You will be amazed.

Go to the—> National Geographic page to see larger photos, —>gallery and —>videos, download wallpapers.


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Dear Rene,

I came across your comment on me and our Save China’s Tigers project and I just want to send you a message to say “thank you so much for helping spread the word”…

All the best wishes,


June 26th, 2007 at 1:14 pm

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