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Great Artists Gallery in French Quarter

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My sister and I have some of our work in this Gallery, located at 815 Royal Street, in the French Quarter, New Orleans.

Great Artists Collective Gallery

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Mardi Gras Gone Goth

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Goth Goblin and Merry Sprite greet you on a Mardi Gras Day

Gothic Sprite and Goblin

Whew, Sprite tries not to fly away.

Mardi Gras Sprite Meow


If either of these strikes your fancy, let me know which one and what size, etc., in a comment below.


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Photo Blog Coming Soon

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Photo blog with ‘Glicée’ style prints for sale coming soon.

Cool, I found a store plugin that should work after I test it out. called image-store. (doesn’t work, trying out another) Dunno, it’s kinda complicated. Made worse when I went for the WordPress 3.3 upgrade almost immediately after a very successful WP 3.2 upgrade. OH< WOE! Now they are up to 3.4.2! just this past week it’s now up to 3.5!

A recent photo:

Orleans Courtyard Lantern

Check back for updates.
Got a couple glitches with new WordPress 3.3 upgrade. Sad cuz the 3.2 upgrade worked fine.

Newest WordPress 3.3.1, with just as many tales of woe on the Holding off. this time.

Parrots in the garden



About our Prints


In the meantime photos are available at your request. Many are already printed, matted, and/or framed.

Send me a comment with an email address. with print request in the head at top.

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