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Tigers Hunted to Extinction

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Endangered: The Magnificent Tiger

Though no truly accurate global numbers exist, conservationists estimate that 5,000 tigers remain in the wild. About 150 years ago, 100,000 tigers may have roamed throughout much of Asia, according to some estimates.

The tiger is endangered in all of its natural habitats, a range stretching from India down into Southeast Asia as far as the island of Sumatra, and in the Russian Far East.


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The Tiger Farms of China

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The Tiger Farms of China-where tigers are bred and slaughtered.

Warning! Graphic photos!

–>Tiger Farm Media Kit For Journalists
This video contains a selection of tiger farm images from the Xiongsen Bear
and Tiger Mountain village in Guilin, China. Farms like these are selling tiger bone wine and other products, and lobbying for the lifting of a 14-year ban on trade in tiger parts that would re-ignite demand for tiger parts that could jeopardize wild tiger populations. Tigers raised on these farms are weak and malnourished, kept in cages from birth to death. Poaching wild tigers is a lot less expensive than raising these farmed animals, and if the ban on the trade is lifted, it’ll be like declaring open season on wild tigers.
Tiger Battery Farm Cages, courtesy of Save the Tiger Fund

Caged Tiger Farm

Images are from the International Tiger Coalition and may be freely used to illustrate any articles or reports on the issue, but please give appropriate credit to Save The Tiger Fund.

Stockpiles of Dead Tigers Should be Destroyed, Experts Urge China
27 July 2007, Beijing – Disturbing new images of tiger carcasses piled
up in cold storage at one of Chinas largest “tiger farms” raise
questions about enforcement of tiger trade bans in effect in China and internationally.

Sign the Petitions to Save the Tigers!

Can you believe that some people actually hunt and kill tigers on the internet!?!?

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